important mysql command, backup, dump restore

Connest to mysql server

mysql -u USERNAME -h ‘HOST_IP’ -p

enter password – here

mysql> show databases;

mysql> use DATABASE_NAME;

mysql> your query here. 🙂

Dumping a mySQL to a sql file

mysqldump -l --opt databasename > /root/file/location/filename.sql  -u user --password=whateverthepass 

Importing mySQL dump file

mysql databasename < /root/file/location/filename.sql -u user --password=whateverthepass 

Copying Entire Folder of Files

cp - Ru /root/file/location/* /where/it/should/go --reply=yes 

Making a tgz archive of an entire folder for FTP export

tar zcf localfolder.tgz localfolder/ 

Copying an entire folder to another server

tar zcf - localfolder/  | ssh "cd folder/to/copy/to; tar zpxvf -" 

If you want to extract one file from the .tar.gz file use

gzip -dc file.tar.gz | tar xf - pathname/filename
The pathname and filename should be exactly as given in the .tar.gz file. If you want more than one file append their names, again include pathname, at the end of the command. 

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